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As for most of you, our life was also affected by the corona virus outbreak. School, work, meeting with friends, everything was suddenly changed to online format and we weren’t allowed to leave the house for several weeks.

But despite the difficult situation there was also a positive side to it: we spent many evenings sitting together and rediscovered playing games, which we hadn’t done in a long time.

And this is where the idea for the Corona Card Game came up. We were wondering, why card games still feature a king, when in the beginning of the pandemic everyone talked about toilet paper and if there was still some left at the local shop. And who can relate to a queen, when a face mask is much more important? A prince? I think hand sanitizer is more useful. Well, and a real joker in these times would be a vaccination. So, that’s how we got the idea to revamp the traditional card deck.

The symbols were painted with a calligraphy brush and Chinese ink. After designing them on the computer, we chose the best paper among more than 30 samples. We opted for 300 gram art paper and a nice tuck box. The cards will have standard poker size, that's 63 x 88 mm.

We can’t wait to sit down and play with the finished Corona Card Game. For us, it will be a memory of the year 2020, when our movement was limited, but we tried to make the best of it.


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